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Traverse PC has been providing land surveying software since 1987. Here's what some of our users have to say:

'I did not realize at the time I purchased the program that I was not only buying software, but I had purchased a company that truly cares about its customers and could "look over my shoulder" to personally help me be a successful user.' Jim Sollmi, PELS, Farmington, CT

"Probably the most cost effective and efficient surveying and mapping software I have used over the past 25 years hands down!" Charles E. Porter, Kirkland, WA

"The economics are simple. Without Traverse PC our company would not have this lucrative contract." Bob Holtkamp, AB, Canada

"The last 22 years I have previewed numerous COGO software programs, but have never found anything close to Traverse PC, and with the ability to draft maps, the program is complete." Pete Ketcham, ID

"TPC Desktop is more impressive than any AutoCAD version that I have ever used." Bryan Hartsook, VA

"I really like a point based program like TPC and the friendly drawing environment that TPC has. There is no need for a lot of extensive/expensive training to do good, efficient work with TPC." Glenn Eastman, OR

"I cannot say enough about the Managers in TPC... What a super great system!!! TPC will surely dominate all survey and CAD programs..." Jim Creasy, PA

"Traverse PC also includes the best, most personal, technical support we have ever seen in 26 years of surveying." Keith A. Heindel & Gary J. Ganjon, MD

"As a former CAD user, I have found the versatility and ease of use of Traverse PC to be a great benefit to my business." Dan Barry, NY

"[Traverse PC] is easier to use, less expensive, gets the job done, and comes from caring people who understand surveying and surveying needs." Joe Nachtrieb, CO

"Great stuff! You don't need to send me any other software, as I am perfectly happy with TPC and have no intentions of changing to anything else...and I have tried the other software." Randy Green, TN

"Once again you have set the standard for others to attain." George Anderson, NJ

"REALLY like everything I've seen so far... Things seem so much simpler & straight forward. Think you guys have something great here!" Cliff Tuck, AR

"[Traverse PC] is very user friendly and produces high quality survey plats." Fred Haidt, AL

"Traverse PC is the way to go for all Land Surveyors." Pete Jackson, CA

"While it has similarities to ACAD, . I would say [Traverse PC] is much more user (and surveyor) friendly." Scott Freshwaters, OR

"[Traverse PC has] cut my total production time down by making map preparation faster and easier." Sergio Sanchez, CA

"If you need surveying software, we highly recommend TPC be at the top of your list. We have found the product and support to provide us with the tools we need to improve our efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness when working for our clients." Keith A. Heindel & Gary J. Ganjon, MD

"Traverse PC is the one tool my little company has that does it all." Steve Parker, CO

"I find Traverse PC very easy and efficient to use.  The applications are logical and the learning curve is very short.  I would highly recommend this survey software for all land surveyors." David Holland, VA

"Yu ROCK! I am a student... ...I find the program to be very user friendly. Traverse PC is helpful with understanding how data is used to make decisions in a survey, as well as providing a visual image illustrating what the data collected is trying to show." Joel Kayser, NY

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Desktop Products



Traverse PC - Desktop Personal Edition

Regular price: $799 | Current Version: TPC Desktop 2014

Primary uses: Surveying / Forestry / Assessors / Landscape Design / Construction

TPC Connection $300 (annual subscription)

Update from TPC Desktop 2010 (V11.x) - $199
Update from V1.0 to V10.0 - $399

TPC Desktop Personal offers the Basic COGO, Basic Drawing Tools, Basic Traverse Adjustments, Custom Reports and Import/Export tools you'll use everyday.  Don't kid yourself, this is a feature packed survey program.  You'll find support for most popular data collectors and total stations along with our Traverse View data entry and Points Manager data base.

The menus and tool bars have been streamlined to make TPC Desktop Personal easy to learn and use.  You can learn how to use the tool bars and context menus as you go and then move up to the Premium Edition when you need more muscle.



Traverse PC Land Survey Software

Import / Export :User-defined import and export of point data along with conversions with specific other formats
Point Properties :Draw points with settings for symbols, labels, layers and style
Alpha/Numberic :Alpha numberic point lables
Point Protection : Lock coordinates, elevations and descriptions

Traverse Formats :Format the Traverse View they way you want
Traverse Groups :Traverse groups help you organize survey data on the fly
Traverse Manager :Copy and duplicate existing traverses or create new ones
Traverse Settings :Let TPC draw the map for you using our Quick View™ technology
Angle Sets :Use both direct and repeat angle methods
Raw Data :TPC retains the data you enter even after an adjustment - just recompute any time
Closure :One-step closure check, automatic closure
Elevations:Use benchmarks, +/- target heights and any combination of vertical angles, offsets and stadia
Automatic COGO :The things you do all the time, like extending a line, inserting a mid-point, entering a horizontal curve happen almost without thinking about it
Shared Boundaries :Recall points from any other traverse to share a common line
Remote Observations :Shoot as close as you can get and enter perpendicular, linear, angular or vertical offsets
Insert Points :Insert points by point label range, proximity, description, etc

Standards: All your favorites like intersect, rotate and translate and random inverse.
Corner Offsets :One-step offsets for building corners
Lot Setbacks : One-step lot setbacks
Offsets to Line or Curve :Compute the cardinal or perpendicular offset of any point to a line or curve
Multiple Points : One-step fill in points along a curb line with interplated elevations
Visible COGO: Instantly plot any COGO point then watch it update automatically as you adjust the COGO data
Multi-level Undo : Create new COGO points or update existing points and if it doesn't do what you want - Undo it.
Equation Parsing : Enter 10..11/2 to recall half the distance from point 10 to 11 or enter 10..11+90 to recall the bearing from point 10 to 11 and add 90° to it. No need for a calculator here
Summary Button : Add COGO results to a report for a record of what you did then add your own notes
COGO Graphics : One button generates a drawing showing the COGO results so you pick the points you want
Predictive Data : Start typing the point label and TPC displays matching points so you can pick the one you want
Graphical Selection: Pick points and lines directly from any drawing and TPC fills in the COGO data

Horizontal Curves : Create curves from any data
Spiral Curves: Enter any combination of tangents, spirals (balanced or unbalanced) and curves,
Cul-de-sacs:Enter cul-de-sacs even with delta > 180°
PI Tangents : PI curves / spirals insert alignment points and update on the fly
Stations :Insert stations / equations along any alignment
Stations / Offsets : Locate and stakeout points by station / offset just like you do with coordinates
Centerline Offsets :Create centerline offsets
Curve Fitting :Computes best-fit radius
Multiple Points on Grade:Creates points along a grade at specific intervals (every 2', 5', etc)
Find Station / Offset:Find the station / offset of any point to any alignment
Drawing Labels :Label curves, spirals and tangents the way you want

Coordinates: Choose from Compass, Transit or Crandall methods or use Least Squares Traverse
Precision: Recompute any traverse, closure and area based on separate distance and direction precisions
Apply Factors: AppMarch 3, 2014 Undo: Undo any adjustment and start over
Adjustment Details: Report the adjustment for each point

Data Collectors : Import / export from all the popular data collectors, total stations and GPS
Coordinates: Import / export coordinates and geodetic positions
Raw Data : Import / export raw data CSV files
CAD :Open any DWG, DXF or DGN file
PDF :Save any drawing or report as a PDF
Pictures:Import background photos or vicinity maps in JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, ICO, PNG, etc
Shape Files :Import / export shapes
Direct Connection :Import / export files or connect directly to device

Templates :Save any drawing as a template or choose one that ships with TPC
Drawing Manager :Organize your drawings in groups, just like traverses
Page Layout :You always work on a sheet of paper
Associative Data:Data association isn't an after-thought in TPC because the drawings are built from the data
Geodetic Drawings:Use geodetic distance, direction and area for all drawing labels

Quick View™ Technology
Traverse Settings :They do 90% of a drawing for you
Surface Settings :Choose the line types, colors, symbols and layers you want for each surface
Tags:Tag any traverse or surface you want to include
Layers:They're here when you need them, but you won't
Smart Drawing Objects:Update themselves automatically as survey data changes
Object Library :Choose from hundreds of symbols, line types, templates and blocks or make your own
Format Bar :You always know what attributes TPC will use for the next object
Snapping :For when you need to be exact in your drawing
Dynamic Offsets :They update the distance automatically as you re-position the house on the lot
Lot Labels :One-step lot labels with area
Hatching :Choose from available hatches and fills
Groups :They work like ad-hoc blocks only better
Alignment :Select drawing objects and let TPC align and space them perfectly
Drawing Commands :When you need them, you'll find all the drawings commands you ever wanted

Legal Description :Turn any traverse into a legal description
Spell Check :Spell check any report or drawing
Plat Checking :Create lots from CAD lines, legal descriptions
Search / Replace :Update point labels and descriptions


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