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Traverse PC has been providing land surveying software since 1987. Here's what some of our users have to say:

'I did not realize at the time I purchased the program that I was not only buying software, but I had purchased a company that truly cares about its customers and could "look over my shoulder" to personally help me be a successful user.' Jim Sollmi, PELS, Farmington, CT

"Probably the most cost effective and efficient surveying and mapping software I have used over the past 25 years hands down!" Charles E. Porter, Kirkland, WA

"The economics are simple. Without Traverse PC our company would not have this lucrative contract." Bob Holtkamp, AB, Canada

"The last 22 years I have previewed numerous COGO software programs, but have never found anything close to Traverse PC, and with the ability to draft maps, the program is complete." Pete Ketcham, ID

"TPC Desktop is more impressive than any AutoCAD version that I have ever used." Bryan Hartsook, VA

"I really like a point based program like TPC and the friendly drawing environment that TPC has. There is no need for a lot of extensive/expensive training to do good, efficient work with TPC." Glenn Eastman, OR

"I cannot say enough about the Managers in TPC... What a super great system!!! TPC will surely dominate all survey and CAD programs..." Jim Creasy, PA

"Traverse PC also includes the best, most personal, technical support we have ever seen in 26 years of surveying." Keith A. Heindel & Gary J. Ganjon, MD

"As a former CAD user, I have found the versatility and ease of use of Traverse PC to be a great benefit to my business." Dan Barry, NY

"[Traverse PC] is easier to use, less expensive, gets the job done, and comes from caring people who understand surveying and surveying needs." Joe Nachtrieb, CO

"Great stuff! You don't need to send me any other software, as I am perfectly happy with TPC and have no intentions of changing to anything else...and I have tried the other software." Randy Green, TN

"Once again you have set the standard for others to attain." George Anderson, NJ

"REALLY like everything I've seen so far... Things seem so much simpler & straight forward. Think you guys have something great here!" Cliff Tuck, AR

"[Traverse PC] is very user friendly and produces high quality survey plats." Fred Haidt, AL

"Traverse PC is the way to go for all Land Surveyors." Pete Jackson, CA

"While it has similarities to ACAD, . I would say [Traverse PC] is much more user (and surveyor) friendly." Scott Freshwaters, OR

"[Traverse PC has] cut my total production time down by making map preparation faster and easier." Sergio Sanchez, CA

"If you need surveying software, we highly recommend TPC be at the top of your list. We have found the product and support to provide us with the tools we need to improve our efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness when working for our clients." Keith A. Heindel & Gary J. Ganjon, MD

"Traverse PC is the one tool my little company has that does it all." Steve Parker, CO

"I find Traverse PC very easy and efficient to use.  The applications are logical and the learning curve is very short.  I would highly recommend this survey software for all land surveyors." David Holland, VA

"Yu ROCK! I am a student... ...I find the program to be very user friendly. Traverse PC is helpful with understanding how data is used to make decisions in a survey, as well as providing a visual image illustrating what the data collected is trying to show." Joel Kayser, NY

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Take a look at TPC Desktop in the way that's most convenient for you!

Call and ask about the TPC Editions 800.460.3002

Traverse PC - The Movie


Traverse PC - Better by Design

We like to say that TPC Desktop is better by design. We designed it from the ground up to be a surveying program, building it around Views . Views let you work with different parts of the survey. For instance, there's a Point View that lets you look at the survey points, exporting just the ones you want to your data collector or total station, a Drawing View that draws the survey for you as you enter or import data and a Traverse View that lets you work with things like raw data, stationing, curves and angle sets. These views and others, are the backbone of TPC Desktop and provide a simple yet very powerful environment for you to work with your surveys.

The TPC Desktop...

The TPC Desktop is designed specifically for surveys. It's is as revolutionary today as it was 20 years ago when we introduced it. You open the Views you want when you need them so the desktop never gets cluttered. Views are sychronized, so changing survey data in one view reflects that change in the other views automatically.

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The Traverse Manager... the key to managing multiple traverses in a survey. You can add, copy, duplicate, delete and arrange as many traverses as you need. You'll find tools here like rotating or translating one, all or selected traverses, exporting data and generating reports, etc.

Use theTraverse Manager to select the traverses you want in your drawing.


The Traverse View... at the heart of the TPC Desktop. You’ll use it to enter data, compare notes, check the raw data from your data collector, design sub-divisions, lay-out roads and just about anything else you do with TPC.

Perhaps the most innovative feature about the Traverse View is your ability to format it the way you want to. This powerful tool even allows you to store your favorite formats and reuse them for future traverses.


The Drawings Manager...

...its lists all the drawings in the survey. To open a drawing, just double click it. Create new drawings or duplicate existing ones. It's all here.

It works just like all the other managers... so adding a drawing is easy.

Use drawing groups to organize your drawings. Add new drawings to the appropriate group so you can find them the next time you work on the survey.

The Drawing View...

...its just a better way to draw your maps. You create the survey and the survey creates the maps. Then go in and change whatever you want to. The survey and drawing are completely associated, so make a change anywhere in the survey and it is reflected automiatically in the drawing. You won't find this level of association and any CAD program and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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The Surfaces Manager...

Surveys include surfaces just like they include points, traverses and drawings. So how do you manage the surfaces? In the Surface Manager.

Create a surface once, then use it as many times as you want just by tagging it in a drawing.

Draw the surface the same way in every drawing, or choose settings that are unique to just one drawing.


The Points Manager... the heart of the coordinate database for the entire survey. Points are displayed in numeric and alphabetic order. Data query features allow you to download or export selected points. Familiar tools such as search and replace make it easy to edit descriptors and point labels. The Point manager is never more than a keystroke away from anywhere in the program.

The Closure View...

...provides a comprehensive summary of your closure error, traverse length, area and adjustment status. This is also where you will find all your adjustment tools for balancing coordinates, angles, applying scale factors and adjustments for curvature and refraction.

As you edit data, the Closure View updates automatically to show the new error of closure, distances and areas.

The Point Code Manager...

...keeps track of abbreviations (codes) you use to identify points. Enter your standard codes, or let TPC search your survey and list the codes for you. Assign drawing options, descriptions and layers, then sort the survey points into traverses using the codes. All the Manholes in one traverse, Power Poles in another, etc. You can even sort the points within a traverse using a 'nearest neighbor' routine so that your sidewalk and curb points are drawn in their proper sequence..

Need to append some new shots to the survey? No problem, just search for new codes and update the traverses. It's all very easy, very fast and very handy when it comes to doing site surveys

The Message View... you detailed information when needed. It's based on the same technology as Word Pad in Windows, letting you cut/copy/paste, add your own text, choose fonts, colors, page size, orientation and margins. It can also provide details of COGO routines you run, like intersections, etc.

The Report View... like the Message View, but lets you build customized reports and save them as DOC files. Have TPC Desktop write legal descriptions and stakeout reports (Professional Edition), station/offset reports or just include the data from the curve dialog. Its a great way to get data out of your survey.


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